About The Book

The book is secondary to the inspiration of the cards. It was something suggested by a few folks that have been in my soul circle for quite a while.  I started a little over three years ago  with a new blank journal and randomly selecting a card from my personal printed stash of cards I would keep in a basket in my office to let clients choose from, and let friends choose from while at my 12 step meetings. I started writing the story on how I put that quote to use in my day to day life- or how it helped me solve a Big issue in my life. I would write on one card a day. Two full journals later I transcribed it all onto the computer and invited a dear friend to take a look- she got tears in her eyes and said “ I can’t wait to see the rest.” And she became my editor.

A Note About The Cards

The birth of this project was circa 1996 when I had access to a computer and bought a “business card program” from a close-out bin in a now defunct office supply store. The first few cards were generated using that programs pictures/art work. I was then gifted my first digital camera. It only had a memory of 6MB (about 8 very tiny- in-resolution photos)! I started making the meditation cards using the pictures I have taken over the years. The quotes came from notes I made during meetings, or things I read in meditation books, or things friends sent to me that they read, with the tag “this would make a great card “ I Had to (and still do) write things down to compensate for all of the brain cells I killed over the years! The source has been noted on the card when it was available- my pardons if you see something familiar that I didn’t have the recall as to where I heard it.

It’s been a creative spiritual journey during the entire process.

It is my sincere hope that if even one person reads one page and decides not to pick up for one day- my journey with this will be a success.


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