Card #135

I think the other day was a day full on with what my kids called the “Turtle Look”. Actually I don’t know what that looks like, it doesn’t happen often.  I know somehow my neck gets longer and my eyes must bulge out some. I also know that when it surfaces, it stops toddlers, teens and even total strangers dead in their tracks.

The events that led up to that event and the mood that began to kick in aren’t important. What is different today is that I recognize it quickly, don’t try to minimalize or rationalize why I am there, but back off and minimize my carbon footprint and the potential damage I might do.

If I continue to randomly expose myself to the world in that “turtle” frame of mind, (Not that some of the previous interactions with some others did not merit putting down a deep crevasse between myself and the others involved at times) I could just acknowledge to myself I needed a time out.

On one particular day, my husband suggested we go out and grab a burger somewhere. I told him in this particular frame of mind, bail money would probably be involved if the service was poor or the food not up to par so we shouldn’t take that chance. He retreated to his office after saying he loved me– I am blessed.

Eventually the energy settled and it was safe for me to participate in the world without taking hostages.

I must take responsibility for my interactions with others– always.

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