Card #33

Okay, now go back and re-read that card. I know how may people over the years have read the first line and go “oh yeah, the Serenity Prayer” when they selected this card from my basket, or the envelope I’ve carried in my purse for years.

It is the Serenity Prayer and it’s not.

I don’t know about where you are/were but at this writing it’s 2019 and the abyss of opinions and bias of the world have about sucked the spiritual life out of me on and off for about 3 years now. Well no, I have allowed those things to have that effect on me.

This is the answer to all of  my problems today– While I felt (on entirely too many occasions) that I will provide facts and you WILL change your mind, acceptance of who some people are, as their truth and beliefs will allow, can be such a sad, exposing experience.

The only person I can change is me. Sometimes that is possible. In others, I just have to send blessings and positive energy to those that challenge my spiritual progress and limit exposure to those that push (oops that I allow to push) my buttons.

As a recovering alcoholic, my Limbic system still doesn’t handle conflict well; and my job is to stay Sober –1st. So if limiting the time I spend with people who don’t share my values keeps me balanced, and holding and protecting who I trust based on those values reduces  the chances of being taken emotionally advantage of, I have gone a long way towards protecting my sobriety.

People don’t change unless they take action to do so based on a life event that affects them.

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