All in all, some days are just better than others, and practicing gratitude is at the top of my list on those days that turn out on the better side.

When events in the world are reeling through the news cycles with storms, flooding, wild fires, mass shootings– Again, and now Pandemics, somedays I have to just send out prayers of healing and light to those going through these terrible experiences and back off.

Especially the news. I can’t change anything that has already occurred, and watching hour after hour of news coverage only drags my mind and heart down to a place of darkness where Hope is evasive. Expressing sympathy to someone personally if I see them, or sending a card because our relationship is close enough to know that information, is important and is a thoughtful and caring gesture.

Jumping on societal postings on social media, diving into darkness that isn’t mine, especially staying there for any period of time hurts me, and does nothing for those that are grieving.

That I have control over.

I can chose not to watch or become mired in darkness and sadness.

I am grateful for what I have escaped– Lord knows in my personal life things could have gone much, much, much worse.

Today if it’s not in the Big Book… It’s none of my business…..

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